Valentine’s Day is a day typically associated with flowers,
chocolates, late dinners and passionate love confessions. But for a small group of people, last valentine’s was a night to never forget. We were strolling through one of the oldest cities of the Caribbean at sunset. And our walk was accompanied by tasteful small bites paired with the perfect
wine. Surely, it was a rare sight to see in Punda but made possible by the second edition of Wine & Walk. We all met at Wilhelmina Plein. Our tour guides and wine connoisseurs introduced themselves to the group. And us, as guests, also did. We were an interesting mix. There were several locals, Dutch, Canadians and even Latins in our group. However different, that evening we were united by two important
components: love and wine. Or more importantly our love for wine.



Our first stop was at The Blue Experience. When we arrived, our place was wonderfully arranged just by the side of St. Anne bay. The view itself made it already worthy to have joined that evening. We had couscous with goat cheese as
an appetizer which was paired with an original cocktail. The cocktail was made of Los Arboles Extra Brut and the Orange Curacao Liqueur. Judging by the smell and combination, you would expect a sweet drink. However, it was surprisingly dry and enhanced the flavour of the couscous. Surely, The Blue Experience was the perfect place to have such a refreshing start.



Mistral Bistro is a relatively new restaurant at Gomez Plein and was our second stop for the night. The team at Mistral was excited to introduce us Naturelle. Naturelle is a naturally sweet wine with predominantly fruity and floral aromas which is also very light. This wine was paired with ceviche, a typical Chilean dish made with raw fish marinated in citrus.
The recipe used in Mistral is an original family recipe passed down by generations. Everyone was bubbling with excitement to get their hands on this dish. And we were not disappointed. Ceviche is a sour dish, and with the sweet taste of the Naturelle, we sure hit the perfect balance.



Our third stop was Nena Sanchez, this colourful art shop with vivid Caribbean paintings offered us something very special that night. It was our first time trying coxinhas, which are chicken croquettes typically made in Brazil.
The conxinhas were paired with a Cabernet Sauvignon from
Casa Valduga. This red wine is made in Vale dos Vinhedos,
south of Brazil. The beautifully layered aromas of red fruits are present. Especially cherries and raspberries. This wine, in
particular, has a light body and it’s very friendly to drink.
Being at Nena Sanchez reminded us what the Caribbean is all about: a place to sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature. And if we would have a glass of wine to enjoy what the Caribbean has to offer, it would be the Cabernet Sauvignon.



We walked another block and we stopped at a familiar boho restaurant: La Bohème. There were 2 tables full of filled arepas waiting for us. And for this particular wine we were going to try, they were the best option to pair. La Bohème offered us Coleccion Privada Malbec, a wine of intense red
colour and medium body. The Malbec has a light and fruity finish, which gives it a certain character when paired with meat and poultry with creamy sauces, such as the filled chicken and crab arepas. As we ate and enjoy the combination of flavours in our mouths, we were treated to live show of local folklore dance.



The last stop was Wilhelmina Plein, and a surprise was waiting for us. As our glasses were being filled with sparkling wine, our tour guide ordered us to countdown from ten. We had our glasses raised, counting down at the top of our lungs. When we reached the end, we raised our glasses even higher and then we saw lights crossing the sky and exploding in a beautiful show of fireworks. What better way was there to end this very special evening? Overall the wine and walk was an amazing experience, and surprisingly personal even though we were almost 30 people. The connoisseurs and tour guides would walk up to us and ask our opinion about the wines and food. They were very knowledgeable, friendly and open. Even between us, I
saw how at each stop we would become a little closer with
the other participants. At our last stop in Wilhelmina Plein,
most of us stay even longer. We talked, laughed and took
pictures with each other. Some of us even had more wine
and others were craving for more stops the next time they
join. And that clearly shows the success of this event.

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