Tips from our staff: What to do in Curacao

Tips from our staff: What to do in Curacao

Our staff is knowledgeable about all things "dushi" to do in our island. So we decided to ask them what their top recommendations are for when visiting Curacao for the first time and make it an unforgettable experience.

Kristy doesn't recommend places she hasn't been to, so we know her recommendations are based on personal experience. "If you're in the downtown area for a day, you should definitely take a look at Scharloo Street Art", she says. The Scharloo Street Art is just a 3-minute walk from La Boheme and is home to some breathtaking mural art from famous local artists like Garrick Marchena. Definitely Instagrammable if you wanna show everyone how colourful Curacao is.
"If you love nature and something a bit more wild, then you definitely have to hike the Christoffel", she first climbed it with the rest of Boheme Team earlier this year and completely loved the adventure. The Christoffel is the highest point of the island at 375m, the view on top is breathtaking and definitely a must go.
And lastly, "If you want to have a unique snorkelling experience, you should check Playa Piskado", she continued. Playa Piskado is located at the west point of the island and you will be able to swim with the turtles. Certainly an experience you can't miss and just a couple of minutes away from Christoffel. So these two activities can be one on the same day. This is perfect for families, as the kids can see the turtles from the shore when the fishermen give them food.


Pepe has been to basically all the places on the island. If there's a new place, you will surely find her there. So the following recommendations come from someone that knows the island like the back of her hand. "If you love snorkelling, Playa Kalki is the place to be". Playa Kalki is also located on the west side of the island and it's nicknamed "Alice in Wonderland" because of its diverse underwater world. There's a diving shop on the beach and divers can even explore an aeroplane wreck.
"ATV & Buggy tours is by far the most fun activity to do on the island", she states. Exploring the wild side of Curacao in an ATV is definitely fueled with adrenaline. Tours vary from operators but you can expect to have 3-hour, 6-hour and even customized tours in different locations of the island. You can see places off-road like the last drop of lava from a volcano, hidden beaches and awesome caves. "No Caribbean adventure is complete without an epic ATV tour".

Pepe in a buggy adventure
Pepe in a buggy adventure

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