WINE & WALK · 21. February 2019
Overall the wine and walk was an amazing experience, and surprisingly personal even though we were almost 30 people. The connoisseurs and tour guides would walk up to us and ask our opinion about the wines and food. They were very knowledgeable, friendly and open. Even between us, I saw how at each stop we would become a little closer with the other participants. At our last stop in Wilhelmina Plein, most of us stay even longer. We talked, laughed and took pictures with each other.
WHAT TO DO IN PUNDA · 20. February 2019
Curacao has tropical weather and reaches a temperature of around 31C, in the day. Therefore, it is important to be prepared before starting your journey through the picturesque sceneries of the city. We recommend bringing your glasses, hat, sunscreen and water bottle to keep you hydrated throughout the day. You can also opt to pass by us and enjoy one of our delicious natural fruit or green smoothies to give you an extra dose of refreshing energy before starting your adventure.