Brion Beer

Approximately four years ago ( back in 2013) some beer-loving Curaçaoleños became convinced that Curaçao, being a country now, deserved its own beer. And after a lot of investment, research and many tastings they created  Brion beer,  the new pilsener beer specially and only brewed for Curaçao! 

The Name of the beer is to commemorate Admiral Luis Brion. He was born on Curaçao in 1782 and fought many battles for freedom and human rights together with Simon Bolivar, the liberator of Latin America. Until today the legacy of Luis Pedro Brion still lives on. His statue overlooks the most famous plaza of our island: the Brionplein, In Otro Banda. 


We as La Bohème pride on the fact that Brion Beer is our house beer brand, promoting in this manner local entrepreneurs and of course our national beer, cheers!