About Us

La Bohème Curacao is an atypical bistro, run by a Chilean family with a very multicultural staff. We strive to serve everyone as if they were part of our family in a very cozy yet informal atmosphere. Being located in one of the most multicultural islands in the caribbean we celebrate our differences, imprinting them in our menu and decoration styles. We mix flavours from all over South America and the Caribbean to create a very unique mosaic. We invite you to experience a Bohemian meal in the heart of Punda, where we might even serve you in your own language!

Our Story

Our story in Curaçao starts in 1999. We left the Andes mountains and the cold weather of Chili and changed it for the paradise-like beaches of this beautiful island, Curaçao. And since then, we have never looked back. After being involved in many business industries as entrepreneurs,  we came to the conclusion that our passion was in the service industry. And it was in 2015 that we devoted all of our combined efforts to create La Bohème as a family. At the beginning it was not all butterflies and rainbows, do not get me wrong,  we are a very united family, but we sure have different tastes and ideas. We all come from different disciplines, having a pedagogue, a sociologist, a philosopher, an international business strategist, and an engineer in civil construction  in the team; we sure have different angles to tackle every project. The result: a very quaint, multicultural and modern yet vintage bistro with a dynamic nature.   


Our Mission

We strive to serve honest, fresh food for fair prices in a very cozy, familiar, and informal setting. We bend over backwards to be the best at what we do, and that is giving an awesome service no matter what.